Nou Rooz Farkhondeh Baad
Nou Rooz Khojasteh Baad

We are entering the 3752nd year since Zarathushtra celebrated the vernal equinox with King Gostasp of Balkh. Thirteen years latter, Zarathushtra was in his planetarium near Lake Hamoun in Sistan when his calculation revealed that the vernal equinox of 1725 BCE would coincide with sunrise in Sistan in the kingdom of Balkh. In other words the new year (equinox) and the new day (sunrise) would start at the same time. He named that New Year - New Day - NOU ROOZ.

Thereafter any year that the sunrise coincided with the equinox in Greater Persia it was called Now Rooz. One such event was recorded at Persipolis in 487 BCE. Persian scholars had pre-calculated and King Daryush had built the Apadana Palace to specification for the celebration. A Pillar was erected in the courtyard the pedestal  of which is still there.

Everyone had gathered in their best attire and were waiting the moment of the equinox. Just when the equinox was proclaimed the first rays of the rising sun fell of this pillar. This was a rare occasion and dignitaries from all over the Empire had come to see and pay their respect to the Science of the Persians. We see that depicted in bas relief all over Takht e Jamshid.

Now Rooz Phirooz Baad

Nou Rooz is spelled differently depending on the dialect spoken by the writer. But the written words in Persian are  N+V+VOWEL ON TOP giving the sound OOOU so NOU is in tune with how it is written in Persian


Do you know that “SHARAB” (wine) is an Arabic word that the Persian words for wine are MAI and BAADEH and that SOMAGH is also not Persian but Suriyani.

This by itself proves that the “Seen” and “Sheen” theory is a modern one. So what was the ancient form of the Nou Rooz Table and what is it's Real philosophy?

In ancient times they used to have Seven Trays SEENEE – in which they laid all sorts of symbolic items that were available locally in each region. This SEENEE (tray) in modern days became the alphabet SEEN and SHEEN and items whose names started with those alphabets were placed on the table. The Zarathushties used the letter SHEEN for they put on their table Wine – SHARAB – (Arabic for wine) while the Muslims for whom wine was forbidden went for items with SEEN and instead put vinegar – SERKEH. We became oblivious to the philosophy and instead discussed why Sharab became Serkeh.

The form of the Nou Rouz table has evolved with time but what has remained constant is the number Seven. We also see in the bas-relief at Takht e Jamshid - seven representatives of each nation carrying Now Rooz gifts for the king. Why Seven?


Seven represents the “Seven Eternal Laws of Nature” as enumerated in the Gathas.

1-VOHU MANA – Good Mind – Use your Good Mind to inquire and learn
2- ASHA VAHISTA- The Ultimate Truth- the Laws of Nature- Use them to make
3- KASH ATRA VAIRYA – Good Rules – Good Laws- Good Guidance- Which will lead to
4- SEPANTA ARMAITY – Lawful Desire – Righteousness – which will pave the way towards
5- HURVATATA – Perfection – Mental, Physical and Spiritual – which will lead to
6- AMERETATA – Immortality –a) Losing the fear of Death (b) being remembered for your good work for generations–resulting in oneness with
7- AHURA MAZDA – The Creator of Wisdom – through Self Realization- KHOD = Self  AH = to come.

So it does not matter as long as there are 7 items or better still 7 trays with numerous items, it serves as a reminder and our re-commitment to the Natural Path towards perfection shown by Zarathushtra.

Students of Zarathushtra latter called it the Amesha Sepanta - the ETERNAL LAW – much later under pagan influence they became Angels, Bountiful Immortals, etc. those trying to rescue it call it “attributes of God”. The 3 gifts that the Magi’s gave to baby Jesus were the first three laws, which have to be achieved; the next 4 are the result of the first 3. It is the evolutionary law followed by nature. A law to achieve perfection in what we do best and at the same time satisfies the spiritual urge through Khod-Ah.
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These seven eternal laws are mentioned in the Bible too, in Luke and Mathew.

The three gifts given to baby Jesus by the Magi’s, the wise men from the east, were the first three laws. The meaning of which needs no interpretation as given in Mathew: 4, where Satan wants Jesus to make use of the power of his mind just to feed himself. Jesus rejects it by saying man does not live by bread alone.  
Next Satan wants Jesus to defy the truth, the law of gravity, by jumping from the pinnacle of the temple and third he wants Jesus to give bad guidance (laws of the devil) to the people, which also are rejected by Jesus.

The next four laws Righteousness, Perfection, Immortality or eternal life and oneness with God are also preached by Jesus.
“Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:20)

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:1-48)
“They follow me and I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand” (Amordad). (John 10: 27)

“I and the Father are one”. (John 10:30)

If the world would understand this universal law, see the truth behind it, and not give it a religious spin, the world will be a better place. Today governments do not have the fortitude to stand up against Global Warming because they fear those that are making BREAD OUT OF STONE and causing pollution in the process. It is time to reject them for man does not live by bread alone. It is time to understand and believe in the simple truth.
Wishing everyone an Enlightened and Happy